Roberta Seno

Special Ed Teacher/Singer

Dr. Stephen Chan has been my dentist for about fifteen years. He has been more than reasonable as he has suggested ways to help me with different challenges. It was September 2016 when he introduced me to the concept of using the Therapy and thought it might be good for me and help me with the physical challenges I had been having. I said sure, and began to use the Therapy. Using the Therapy became a weekly regimen using it five times a week. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, except for being tired, for a long time. I would go home and often take a nap. I noticed my leg where I pulled a groin muscle was not so sore. One day I noticed that I could remember road directions better and sometimes a lot better. (I am almost 75 years old.) My energy level is increasing and is usually equal to my demanding schedule. I still work two – part time jobs and have a small retirement income. As a volunteer I need to function well mentally to tutor and mentor families who have recently come from the Congo and need to learn English and be tutored in other subjects. Some days I have a lot of energy. I love those days and attribute my progress to the Therapy to help with circulation. I feel more alert and alive most every day. Even though it has taken time to get where I am, I feel a genuine optimism that I am doing much better than when I started and will even be able to function more normally soon. I am very grateful for what the Therapy has done for me and is a must on a daily basis. I will be purchasing one very soon.

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