Dental Treatments

Whole-body Dentistry

Many people have become more concerned and aware of what they put in their bodies and how their decisions affect their health. For patients seeking an approach to dental healthcare that takes the whole person into account, biocompatible dentistry offers many benefits – and the entire team at Smilehaven Dental Center is here to help with your dental treatments.

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BEMER Therapy

BEMER Therapy enhances blood flow. It uses a biosignal which increases blood flow to allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow through the whole body naturally. This increased blood flow also enhances removal of waste products that the body produces.

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A dental bridge is a dental device that’s used to replace missing teeth. It can help protect the integrity of the existing teeth and keep them from shifting into positions that may lead to future orthodontic problems. Bridges can be used to replace a singular tooth or even several teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’ve ever found yourself unsatisfied with your smile or even if you’ve ever just thought that your smile wasn’t as nice as it could be, cosmetic dentistry could be just the solution for you.

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When a tooth is cracked, damaged or decayed, a custom-made crown is often used to cover the tooth. Our office prefers Zirconium crowns which has a natural appearance, considered to be the most durable and are bio-compatible.

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Dental Exams

We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth and gums in search of any potential oral problems. In some cases, we may also take X-rays. If we notice any problems, such as tooth decay, we’ll then recommend dental treatments.

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Fillings are used to replace decayed or damaged tooth structure. Your holistic dentist utilizes bio-compatible white fillings, which are tooth-colored materials that are stronger, longer-lasting, and more aesthetically-pleasing for patients.

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Inlays and Onlays

We provide inlays and onlays as a great alternative to traditional fillings. Inlays and onlays are indirect restorations because less of the tooth structure needs to be removed. Most patients receive this sort of dental procedure when they are experiencing tooth damage that does not require a crown.

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Dental implants can replace missing teeth with artificial ones that closely match your natural teeth. These implants can instantly improve your smile and provide other benefits, such as making it easy to chew or bite food again. We offer a non-toxic alternative to traditional dental implants, known as Zirconia Dental Implants.

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Ozone Therapy

Controlling infection is one of the trickiest problems in dentistry. Mouths are home to countless microorganisms, most living in balance with the human body. However, if the wrong pathogen takes up residence, infection can result. The difficulty results from the fact that each potential infection-causing pathogen needs a different type of drug to combat it. That is, until the advent of oxygen/ozone therapy.

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Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning will improve your oral hygiene well beyond what you can get at your own home. During your visit with us, first, one of our dental hygienists will remove plaque from your teeth, especially in areas where your toothbrush isn’t able to reach, such as underneath the gum line.

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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening dental treatments are both biocompatible and effective – they’ll be safe and healthy for your entire body.

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Veneers are essentially thin shells that can be utilized as covers for a patient’s teeth. They’ll be able to mask dental imperfections and restore the appearance of the teeth, allowing for a more beautiful smile. Veneers blend in flawlessly with existing teeth; others will just assume that they’re part of your natural teeth.

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The Smilehaven Dental Center Difference

One of the things that sets us apart from other La Mesa and El Cajon, CA cosmetic dentists is that we place a strong emphasis on holistic dentistry. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, holistic dentistry is a focus on a person’s entire body during dental care instead of just the mouth. We utilize bio-compatible whole body dentistry and think about how your dental condition and our treatment will affect your systemic health. We’re strong believers that a person’s oral health is deeply tied with his or her systemic health and with the help of our holistic dentistry, we’ll have both your mouth and your body feeling as good as ever!

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If you’re interested in any of our dentistry services, we encourage you to stop by and visit us sometime! To schedule an appointment with your holistic dentist in La Mesa feel free to fill out our online appointment request form or give us a call at (619) 464-2801. We can’t wait to see you and help you attain an even more beautiful smile!

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