Zirconia Dental Implants

Benefits of Zirconia vs Titanium Dental Implants

Dental implants can replace missing teeth with artificial ones that closely match your natural teeth. These implants can instantly improve your smile and provide other benefits, such as making it easy to chew or bite food again. Zirconia and titanium are common types of implants that some dentists offer. In order to make the right choice about which type to get, it’s important to compare them. Our Holistic Dental Practice, SmileHaven Dental Center: Stephen Chan, DMD offers a non-toxic alternative to traditional dental implants, known as Zirconia Dental Implants. Keep the following information in mind while making your decision on dental implants in the San Diego and the La Mesa area.

Dental Implants Material

Titanium implants are made of metal, while zirconia dental implants are not. Instead, zirconia offers non-toxic metal-free implants that are often used in holistic dentistry. Zirconia implants are biocompatible, which offers a lower risk of rejection and provides an option for those who have metal allergies. Titanium allergies can cause inflammation and result in the loss of these dental implants, which makes zirconia a safer and more suitable option.

Dental Implant Safety

Titanium and zirconia implants are generally considered safe for many patients. Titanium has been in use longer, but zirconia implants are becoming more common due to the benefits they offer. Zirconia implants provide a lower risk of plaque accumulation compared to titanium implants. Since plaque can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, this is an important part of protecting your oral health. Zirconia also does not conduct heat, which helps speed up the healing process. Titanium does conduct heat, which can result in a longer healing time for your gums.


Titanium and zirconia implants are made to match your natural teeth as much as possible. However, titanium can cause discoloration to occur due to the metal these implants contain. Titanium implants can cause a grayish discoloration, which can affect your smile. Since zirconia is metal-free, this discoloration does not happen. With zirconia implants, your smile can look whiter and more natural.

Zirconia Dental Implants Durability

Both zirconia and titanium dental implants are durable, but titanium has a disadvantage. This material is prone to corrosion, which can cause these implants to last for a much shorter amount of time. Zirconia is resistant to corrosion, which can help these implants last longer.

Dental Implant Cost

When it comes to cost, titanium implants typically cost less than zirconia implants, since they are more commonly produced. While you might save money with titanium implants, zirconia implants provide greater benefits overall in terms of your health and well-being.

At SmileHaven Dental Center in La Mesa, our implant dentist Stephen Chan DMD can discuss titanium vs zirconia dental implants with you in more detail, including safety, health benefits, and costs. This information can help you make the right choice to achieve a beautiful smile.

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