BEMER Circulation Therapy

Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life.

Restoring blood circulation reduces the constricting effects of local anesthesia. BEMER therapy improves microcirculation and overall circulation allowing the body to heal naturally. BEMER sessions and rental units are available.

BEMER therapy can help you with the following:

  • Enhanced general blood flow
  • Enhanced nutrient supply and waste disposal
  • Enhanced cardiac functions
  • Enhanced physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy level
  • Enhanced feeling of wellbeing
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • BEMER also has a sleep program which enhances the daily program

Safe for infants, animals, and those with pacemakers and metal implants.

BEMER machine

What is BEMER Therapy?

How to Improve Your Circulation – Only 8 minutes twice daily with BEMER therapy can help improve your life! Watch this video from BEMER Group.

With a new holistic, non-invasive FDA Registered technology from Germany, which dramatically increases blood flow to carry oxygen and nutrients into each cell while enhancing the removal of metabolic waste and toxins from the body.

For 17 years, this technology has been an established complementary therapy in Europe and 40 other countries, used in hospitals and clinics to increase blood circulation very successfully.

It is also designed to be used in the home as a self-care program to improve and maintain your circulation daily. It is now available in the US and Chan Healing Institute is offering this circulation therapy in La Mesa, CA.

BEMER Therapy Pricing

$35 per session
$250 for 10 sessions (must be used within 2 weeks of purchase.)

Monthly packages available upon request
(unlimited session per month for 2x/day BEMER sessions)

BEMER Rentals available:
Weekly @ $150/week (minimum 2 weeks)
Monthly @ $600/month (prorated at $22 per day).