Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Millions of Americans are looking for an experienced dentist who safely removes mercury fillings. A highly trained and qualified dentist, like our SmileHaven Dental Center holistic dentists, will consult you on whether it is best for safe mercury filling removal treatment. Mainly this is due to the exposure to mercury vapor, even compared to leaving the fillings in.

If you are an ideal candidate for mercury filling removal, there are safe methods to remove mercury dental fillings.

What is a Mercury Filling?

Mercury fillings are the most common dental filling used amongst general dentists. Also known as “silver fillings” or “amalgam fillings,” this type of tooth filling contain 50% mercury by weight. Mercury is the infamous neurotoxin (meaning it messes with your nervous system).

Luckily, with the advancements in dentistry and technology, there are much safer alternatives, namely porcelain or composite resin. With holistic and biocompatible dentistry, many dentists are turning to tooth-colored dental fillings also known as white dental fillings.

Benefits of Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Many people who decide to have their silver fillings removed will value the benefits and advantages of getting rid of mercury. Removing these silver fillings will:

  • Avoid exposure and contact with mercury. Over time, mercury vapors are released when chewing gum or eating hard foods.
  • Give patients a “peace of mind” effect. People feel at ease knowing their mouths are free of toxic elements.
  • Replacing silver fillings with natural-looking composite fillings carries excellent aesthetic benefits. Patients will no longer feel self-conscious about the look of their smiles.
  • Some people who have experienced symptoms related to mercury poisoning will probably see them disappear or reduce considerably.

SMART Amalgam Removal Protocol

This program was developed to provide rigorous standards for the safe removal of mercury amalgam from patients’ teeth so that neither patients, dental professionals, nor does it harm the environment during the removal process. Our holistic dentists in La Mesa are highly trained and equipped with the specialized equipment necessary to follow this stringent protocol. The SMART protocol includes the following safety precautions, among others:

  • Using an impermeable barrier around the target treatment area to avoid unnecessary exposure in other parts of the patient’s mouth
  • Providing the patient with external oxygen to prevent accidental inhalation of mercury vapor or particles
  • Wearing protective gowns for the dentist, staff, and patient, as well as nitrile gloves and proper head/hair coverings
  • Using filtration and ventilation to remove mercury vapor and particles from the air
  • Collecting mercury amalgam waste separately from other materials and disposing of it properly

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Contact our San Diego holistic dentists at SmileHaven Dental Center to discuss the best course of treatment for safe mercury filling removal. Our premier San Diego dentists have performed safe mercury filling removal for patients from La Mesa, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, and many other surrounding communities.

The Smilehaven Dental Center Difference

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