Our Technology

General blood flow is important for the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, training and energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation, as well as sleep management.

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Circulation: The Key To A Healthy Functioning Body

Poor Blood Circulation affects everyone. 97% of illness and disease is caused by lack of oxygen and toxin build up in our tissues. Our lifestyles today do not encourage blood flow!

Our therapy methods enhance blood flow. This increase in blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow through the whole body naturally. Plus increased blood flow enhances removal of waste products and toxins, helping the body to recover from acute and chronic conditions!

Enhance Your Circulation & Thrive!

Suffering from poor circulation? Or you simply want to enhance your well-being, exercise performance and recovery?

You may benefit from this New Circulation Care!

Clients typically note improvement in their:

  • Energy levels
  • Mood and Mental Wellbeing
  • Recovery from Illnesses or Injuries
  • Reduction in Physical or Emotional Stress
  • Overall Quality of Life

Many athletes experience better performance and faster recovery!

The therapy is innovative and non-invasive. Using a unique signal to stimulate pulsations in the smallest of blood vessels, called capillaries, which increases blood flow through them improving circulation to each cell of your body with nutrients they need to survive, thrive, multiply and heal.

Circulation is the key to a healthy functioning body!