Biocompatibility Testing

Allergies are a serious health concern, with somewhere between 15 and 25 million Americans estimated to suffer from some kind of autoimmune disorder. Dental materials themselves are not immune from inciting allergies, which is why Smilehaven Dental Center strives to use only natural and/or biocompatible materials. Even patients who are not allergic in the traditional sense to dental amalgams or common dental chemical compounds may be biocompatible-sensitive, showing symptoms when traditional materials are used in dental restorations.

Unfortunately, what materials may cause allergic or biocompatibility-sensitive reactions differ from patient to patient. That’s why we offer several effective tests for material biocompatibility for patients who are concerned about possible issues.

Clifford Materials Blood Test

The Clifford Materials Blood Test offers results about a patient’s potential allergens by exposing a sample of blood serum to known dental materials. This test is very reliable for true allergens, but is less comprehensive for materials that the patient has never been exposed to, nor is it effective to draw conclusions for patients with biocompatibility sensitivity (as opposed to true allergies).

Applied Kinesiology

Based on studying the relationship between materials and muscle strength, applied kinesiology will help us determine which dental materials, if any, potentially weaken a patient. This is an effective test for both traditional allergens and materials patients have not ever been exposed to.