Benefits Of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry - Healthy Mind Body Spirit

At Smilehaven Dental, we believe it’s important to not only focus on promoting great oral health, but to also promote the overall wellness of your total body. That’s why Dr. Stephen Chan and the staff at our practice take the holistic approach, helping put our patients into a state of internal balance and bodily wellness.

Holistic dentistry — also referred to as biological dentistry, puts an emphasis on the patient’s total body and mental wellness in relation to dental health. We help achieve this by choosing to use only the most biocompatible and safe materials during our dental procedures.

Focus on Whole Body Health

As mentioned, Smilehaven Dental focuses on the overall wellness of the body by using natural, biocompatible materials in our procedures, as well as encouraging our patients to use safe, natural oral hygiene materials in their daily lives at home. We believe that in order to achieve optimal oral health, a patient needs to also achieve bodily wellness, too — which is why we even help with your nutrition as we can!

Individualized Treatment

Your La Mesa holistic dentist will give you personal, individualized treatment in order to maximize your oral and total body wellness. Holistic dentistry is not typically a “one-size fits all” form of dentistry, because each patient has unique needs that require a meeting before total body wellness can be achieved. Each dental hygiene plan is specially customized to fit your unique wellness needs!

Optimize Your Body’s Healing and Defenses

When you visit your La Mesa holistic dentist at Smilehaven Dental, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands for your dental treatment. Our practice follows up treatment with holistic approaches and advice on how to best heal from your procedure, helping you feel better physically and mentally the natural way.

Schedule A Holistic Dentistry Treatment

Contact our San Diego holistic dentists at 619-464-2801 to discuss the benefits of holistic dentistry. Our San Diego holistic dental team treats patients from La Mesa, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, and many other surrounding communities.

The Smilehaven Dental Center Difference

One of the things that sets us apart from other La Mesa and El Cajon, CA cosmetic dentists is that we place a strong emphasis on holistic dentistry. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, holistic dentistry is a focus on a person’s entire body during dental care instead of just the mouth. We utilize bio-compatible whole body dentistry and think about how your dental condition and our treatment will affect your systemic health. We’re strong believers that a person’s oral health is deeply tied with his or her systemic health and with the help of our holistic dentistry, we’ll have both your mouth and your body feeling as good as ever!

Schedule an Appointment

If you’re interested in holistic dentistry or any of our other holistic services, we encourage you to stop by and visit us sometime! To schedule an appointment with your dentist in La Mesa feel free to fill out our online appointment request form or give us a call at (619) 464-2801. We can’t wait to see you and help you attain an even more beautiful smile!