Ozone in Dentistry

Controlling infection is one of the trickiest problems in dentistry. Mouths are home to countless microorganisms, most living in balance with the human body. However, if the wrong pathogen takes up residence, infection can result. The difficulty results from the fact that each potential infection-causing pathogen needs a different type of drug to combat it. That is, until the advent of oxygen/ozone therapy.

Oxygen/ozone therapy breaks up the biofilm that these pathogens reside in with a “transient oxidative burst”, causing the pathogens to overexert themselves and die. This burst also encourages good blood flow and enhanced immune system response, increasing your body’s natural ability to fight infection. Ozone therapy is also effective in teeth whitening.

And most importantly, the materials needed for this treatment are entirely natural and bio-compatible: allergies and sensitivity to oxygen and ozone is biologically impossible. Ozone is simply a charged form of oxygen that is formed naturally by the sun and lightning.


  • Nose Insufflation: $10
  • Ear Insufflation: $15
  • Gum Injection (with deep cleaning): $25
  • Gum Injection (per quadrant): $40