Chi Case Studies

Here are some case studies that document the results and benefits clients of our blood circulation therapy have received.

Pulled Groin Muscle

Joe was a 63 year old man who loves working out in the gym. He lifted a little bit more than his usual weight one morning and he felt a sharp discomfort on his right groin area. He knew he may have strained a muscle there and he decided to quit what he was doing so as not to further aggravate the injured area. He went home and immediately used the Circulation therapy device on himself with emphasis on the groin area where it he had a lot of discomfort and used program 3 a couple times before going to bed. The following morning, he was amazed that he no longer felt discomfort on the area of concern. He may not be ready to lift weights yet but he certainly felt good and did not need any medication to alleviate anything at all.

Spider Bites

Alex, a 27 year old man noticed one day that his bedroom was infested with spiders and these spiders have also accessed his bed. He woke up with a lot of spider bites on his arm and around the upper back and nape area. He happened to visit his mother the next day and since she had a circulation therapy device at home, Alex decided to use the device to improve his circulation hoping to make his spider bites feel better. The next day, he discovered something remarkable! The spider bites no longer bothered him and the swelling where the bites were was also gone.

The improved blood flow help his body reduce the swelling and allowed his body to heal and repair itself. That was the best visit he had to his mother’s house!


Carlos was an 85 year old man who was diagnosed with the beginnings of dementia. On that same year, his wife passed away unexpectedly and this came as a shock to him and exacerbated his condition. His driver’s license was pulled away from him because his reaction time was too slow according to the assessment he got from his doctors.

Two and a half years later, his son was able to help him get a circulation therapy device to use at home. It did not happen overnight but slowly, his memory got better and better. He finally came to grips and understood his wife had passed on. A year and a half after he started his circulation therapy, he believed that the therapy allowed his body to stop dementia dead on it’s track. If anything, it definitely slowed it down to almost a halt. He can carry conversations better and had become more observant toward his surroundings. He is turning 89 this year and he no doubt looks and feel better than 4 years ago.

Effective Therapeutic Device

Jack had been getting circulation therapy daily made possible by a medical device he had purchased for a couple months earlier. He had been sleeping very well, can run five miles instead of three with no problem and the discomfort he normally experienced from a previous car accident had ceased to bother him.

One day his machine’s computer had a glitch and he had to return it to the manufacturer for troubleshooting and possibly a replacement. He did not have his machine for about a week. The first two days, he was fine. But the subsequent days were not very good as his blood flow started to slow down again, his problems from the past were back with a vengeance and had been bothering him again .

Soon after he had received a new replacement machine from the manufacturer, he started feeling better once more. He was so amazed how a simple concept like better blood flow meant everything with regards to his health.


Jack is an active man in his mid fifties. He is what you call a workaholic but that in itself is not as bad as when after all the energy he has expended at the end of the day, he has trouble sleeping and so his body is trying extremely hard to cope. He knew that someday, his body will surely take its toll . He tried everything possible from exercising and taking supplements and trying to relax and de-stress. Sometimes he has doubts that he is even capable of relaxing. He felt sluggish in the morning, woke up several times at night to go to the bathroom. His restlessness was so bad that he had to sleep on the couch so as not to disturb his wife. This went on for 17 years.

On top of this, he had an accident a few years back and he had this whiplash that would not leave him. While driving , sometimes as if like clockwork, he would have this discomfort around his neck. He also tried to stay in shape by doing a three mile run but he got so winded when he finished.

When he was introduced to this circulation therapy , he only had an 8 minute session at the lowest setting the day received his device at home.

To his surprised, not only did he sleep well that night without getting up, he was not winded after his three mile morning run and felt that he could do more. While driving to work, the discomfort that he anticipated would come up did not occur at all! He was truly amazed and impressed and continues to do his therapy to this day.

Cat Bite

Carolina, an acupuncturist, was moving things in her house and her pet cat got stuck under the door and so she tried to help the cat out. As she was doing this, the cat accidentally bit her hand possibly due to pain and reflex. However , Carolina ended up with a painful cat bite that made her hand swell up . The swelling was big and painful that she could not move her fingers. Acupuncture did not help.

She came to me to try the circulation therapy on her hand as encouraged by my wife.

In only 8 minutes of therapy, I got her up and walked her to her car which was parked on the other side of my building.

By the time we got to her car, she said she can begin to move her fingers on the hand where it was swollen. The next day, the swelling had subsided and not long after that the use of her hand was back to normal . The circulation therapy really helped diffuse the swelling very quickly.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pamela was in her early sixties when she came to my office in the hopes of improving her rheumatoid arthritis. I introduced the circulation therapy to her and she immediately felt some Improvement . Just to be sure it was not a fluke , she decided to purchase our introductory special . She began to feel better in terms of her discomfort and the amount of pain Meds she was taking. So then she decided to purchase another month’s worth of therapy . She was only coming for about one therapy a day three times a week. At this point , Pamela was feeling quite well and happy because she did not feel as much discomfort and her pain medication consumption had been quite reduced . She can also do things without feeling debilitated. When her month was up , we convinced Pamela to invest on a medical device for circulation improvement to have at home and she did . Today she felt even better and enjoying her life once again. She no longer takes pain medication.

Muscle Injury

Track and field is a demanding sport specially the running sprints when the athlete has to explode and give it all he’s got for several seconds. Stephen was such an athlete in the masters division. Straining the hamstring muscle or the quadriceps are as common as they come due to the nature of the sport.

When muscle strain happens, the athlete would not be able to walk straight and tend to favor the injured leg. This limping gait could go on for many days for as much as a week or two because it is painful.

The circulation therapy done twice a day helped Stephen improve his injury within 36 hours . This is not to say that the injury was healed but the inflammation had reduced remarkably fast that there is no pain when walking after only 36 hours. This has happened three times from different areas and each time the pain and discomfort went away after 36 hours. Truly amazing!

Vision and Skin Blemish

Steve was in his early fifties when he was introduced to a therapy that would increase his blood flow. He was using progressive glasses for reading due to his age. Steve hated wearing these glasses because it affected his judgment of distance when he runs and jumps over obstacles. He would see double reading from the Teleprompter in church where he stood in the choir loft.

He decided to give this therapy a try as there would be nothing to lose but everything to gain should it be successful.

After 8 weeks of therapy twice a day, the words on the TelePrompTer were no longer looking double but solid instead. He no longer had to squint. Everything started to look crisper and he could now read small prints. Somehow the reading vision had improved dramatically and he no longer uses his reading glasses . On top of this, he used to have an age spot or blemish about the size of a dime on his cheek near the right eye. His dermatologist friend had treated it with the laser a couple times and made it worse instead. But after the therapy trying to fix his vision, the blemish also disappeared. He is awed by the power of circulation!