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Should I Consider Metal Free Dental Implants?

Patients around San Diego are becoming increasingly aware of the materials going into their bodies for medical and dental purposes. With this, at SmileHaven Dental Center, we offer patients a metal free dental implant alternative to traditional titanium dental implants. We have also taken the time to answer some common dental implants questions patients have in the San Diego area, so please read our dental news for more dental health tips.

In dentistry, biocompatible materials are becoming very popular since avoiding metals in treatments has proven beneficial to patients’ overall health. If you are in or around San Diego and are seeking a holistic dentist that uses biocompatible materials, the dental practice of Dr. Shephen Chan in La Mesa is the place to be.

One treatment that is seeing a shift from metals is dental implants. Implant surgeons and dentists have accepted titanium as the standard for implants for a long time, but that is now beginning to shift toward the non-metallic material ceramic zirconia.

Ceramic Zirconia Vs. Titanium Dental Implant

Thanks to increasing awareness about what goes into our bodies during dental procedures and the impact these materials can have, zirconia implants are gaining ground on their titanium counterparts. Ceramic zirconia is less reactive and one of the most esthetic and bio-compatible materials available to implant and holistic dentists, such as Dr. Chan at SmileHaven Dental Center in La Mesa. Zirconia dental implants are a great metal free dental implants option for San Diego patients that are allergic to metal.

Advantages Of Zirconia Over Titanium Dental Implants

When comparing the two materials, zirconia holds several advantages over titanium implants. Titanium can cause discoloration to show through the gums, while zirconia is tooth-colored. Additionally, when looking at how the body handles these two materials, some patients have metal allergies and may not know it. Metal allergies could cause the implant process to fail with titanium implants.

Furthermore, studies have shown that plaque has a more challenging time forming around zirconia, which is also excellent at resisting corrosion. Finally, zirconia is a poor electrical and thermal conductor, meaning there is no need to worry about any galvanic effects with this form of implant.

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