People are Running to Holistic Dentists, but why?

Patients at Smilehaven Dental can tell you why holistic dentistry is much better than traditional dentistry. They can also tell you how comfortable and confident they feel trusting Dr. Chan and his expertise. Nonetheless, many still have questions about holistic dentistry. In our last blog post, “What is Holistic Dentistry,” includes a clear explanation of what holistic dentistry is. Nonetheless, we wanted to highlight and discuss a LA Times article that explores the benefits of holistic dentistry and why there has been a rise in demand, “Why are ‘holistic’ dentists on the rise? They treat the whole body, not just teeth.”

Why Don’t Traditional Dentists Treat The Whole Body?

As mentioned in the LA Times article, holistic dentists treat the whole body, not just your teeth. This might not seem profound, but it really is given many traditional dentists don’t do it. Imagine while at the dentist, you also discuss weight loss strategies, ways to curb diabetes or heart disease, and ways to prevent cavities naturally with the foods you eat. Further, this type of holistic treatment is seen in other forms of medicine, such as veterinarians. When a veterinarian is attempting to diagnose an animal, they begin with the mouth, as the mouth is a really important indicator for overall health. Holistic dentists examine your mouth as a vital part to your overall health.

Many traditional dentists just focus solely on your mouth because they might not understand how the mouth is interconnected to the rest of the body’s wellbeing. This leaves you, as the patient, at a disadvantage when visiting a traditional dentist.

Is Smilehaven Dental Mercury and Amalgam-free?

Yes. It’s incredibly important to us that we are not inputting elements into the body that may have a dramatic impact on your overall health. Instead, we focus on preventative techniques to curb cavities and use mercury free, tooth-colored fillings instead. Technology has been a great asset to holistic dentistry and we’ve been able to use the latest, most advanced techniques to help our patients.

Does Smilehaven Dental Still Take Insurance?

Yes. Though we are a holistic dentist, we are still able to take insurance, just as any other dentist would. This is a large asset for those seeking holistic treatment at a comparable price to traditional dentists. Please read more on our Dental Wellness Club program.

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