Drinks That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Indulging in a favorite beverage is something many people do regularly. But just because something is enjoyable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. Some popular drinks can harm your teeth. If your teeth are already damaged or stained by the beverages you drink, schedule an appointment with your holistic dentist in La Mesa and see what treatments are available. Here’s a list of the top four drinks that can potentially harm your teeth if you drink them in excess. Does your favorite drink make the list?

1. Soda

You probably know soda isn’t good for your body, but you may not realize it’s bad for your teeth as well. Most sodas are loaded with sugar that can attack your tooth enamel and increase your likelihood of developing cavities. Even if you opt for the sugar-free type, your teeth will still be subjected to high levels of acidity. Exposing your teeth to highly acidic drinks can weaken your enamel and increase tooth sensitivity over time.

2. Citrus Drinks

You may be surprised to learn that citrus drinks like lemonade and orange juice can be hard on your teeth. While citrus fruits contain vitamins and other nutrients that are good for the body, they also contain high levels of acid that can harm the teeth if consumed in high quantities or too frequently. To keep your teeth safe, limit your consumption of citrus drinks and wait at least 30 minutes after drinking them before brushing your teeth.

3. Coffee

Coffee contains a lot of important nutrients, but it’s important to enjoy it in moderation. Drinking too much coffee can stain your teeth, thanks to the high quantity of staining tannins found in coffee beans.

4. Tea

Like coffee, tea contains a variety of nutrients that are good for the body. However, it’s important to be mindful of the way tea can stain the teeth. To limit staining, sip your tea through a straw and have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist in La Mesa, CA, on a regular basis.