Benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants La Mesa, San Diego CA
The benefits of zirconia dental implants come mainly from the material’s properties. In contrast, metal has potentially harmful properties that ceramic metal-free dental implants don’t. Dr. Stephen Chan and his dental team at Smile Haven Dental Center offer provides quality dental implants for patients in La Mesa and nearby areas within San Diego.

They are Hypoallergenic

If you develop sensitivity or allergies to the titanium, you may not only experience inflammation and itchiness. In addition, you could lose your implant. Luckily, zirconia is a naturally hypoallergenic material, which means that you won’t develop side effects after surgery.

Zirconia Is Resistant To Corrosion

Zirconia does not corrode, and it’s bioinert. Bioinert means that it won’t migrate to other parts of your body. On the other hand, titanium oxidizes in wet environments, and the mouth is very wet. Nearby materials and some toothpaste may even trigger titanium to corrode faster.

Zirconium Implants Are Very Strong & Durable

Zirconia is exceptionally durable and inflexible in pressure situations. That’s why it’s a perfect material for dental implants. When you’re eating, your teeth need to take an enormous force of your jaw muscles, and zirconia teeth match this power and work exceptionally well.

Integration With the Jawbone

How well the dental implant bonds with the bone is crucial to the success of dental implant surgery because if the bone rejects the implant, there could be complications. Luckily, zirconia has an excellent track record with bone integration. Studies find that even the soft tissue around the implant is happier with zirconia than titanium. Dr. Stephen Chan has an ongoing commitment to continuing education to provide patients around San Diego top quality dental implants.

Zirconium Helps With Plaque Build-up

Ceramic has a highly smooth finish, and plaque has difficulty holding on without nooks and crannies. Also, zirconia has a non-polar structure. Having a non-polar structure means that bacteria are less likely to attach to it. As a result, zirconium dental implants lead to cleaner and healthier oral hygiene!

Avoid The Metallic Taste with Zirconia Implants

You don’t just feel the titanium implant in your mouth. You also can taste the titanium. Unfortunately, because it corrodes, the metallic property of titanium isn’t the tastiest. Zirconia implants, on the other hand, don’t taste like anything. 

Quicker Healing Time

Since zirconia is not a metal, it does not conduct heat. Studies show that this is better for your gums, especially when healing. 

Aesthetic Advantage Of Zirconia 

Titanium dental implants often cause discoloration throughout the gums. In addition, the silver of the metal often taints your gums, especially if your implant is in your smile zone. With zirconia’s naturally white and non-corrosive material, this isn’t a problem at all!

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