Wellness and Self-care Resources

We have been involved with energetic wellness and self-care for many years with a lot of success in helping people become more conscious and educated on how to take better care of themselves. Many are healthier and have improved their ill conditions. What we do is help you understand how your body has its innate ability to heal if given the correct environment in order to achieve internal balance called “homeostasis”. We have posted some information and resources on this page and we encourage you to read them all.

Check below for some interesting health resources:


Nutrition Tips

  • One of the best sources of fish oil is a carefully extracted krill oil, which has been tested as having up to 47x more antioxidant power than standard fish oil
  • Grass-fed meats are good sources of Omega-3
  • Milk is actually good for the human body for its good fat. The processing is the problem and it ruins everything. You can get raw milk here.


If you have any questions regarding anything that you have read on this page, please feel free to contact us anytime.