Mercury Free Fillings

Bio-Compatible Dentistry in La Mesa, CA

At Smilehaven Dental Center in La Mesa, CA, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for every patient who walks through our doors. Dr. Stephen Chan has earned his reputation of one of the top bio-compatible dentists in the area and he keeps up with all of the latest trends in the dental field to provide exceptional dental care with state-of-the-art treatments.

Natural Looking, Tooth Colored Fillings

Until recently, tooth decay and cavities were filled using a silver filling. New advancements have introduced new, natural tooth colored fillings that have proven to be just as effective as traditional silver fillings, which can contain mercury. Even better, the mercury free, tooth colored fillings enable dentists to maintain the structure and natural integrity of the tooth.

Made of a composite blend of plastic resins and silica fillers, these substances mimic the natural qualities of real teeth and are virtually unnoticeable to anyone unaware of your fillings.

Why Mercury Free Fillings Are Better

Traditional silver fillings require the dentist to re-shape the structure of the tooth making a series of undercuts that help form a structural bond with the silver. This means the dentist is required to remove healthy parts of the tooth. With natural colored, composite resin fillings, no undercuts or adjustments to the structure of the tooth need to be made. Rather, the substance forms a physical and mechanical bond directly to the tooth.

Replacing Mecury Fillings

We replace existing mercury fillings with decay and existing cracks and fractures. If there are no evident decay or cracks, patients have to request to have them replaced.

Can Tooth Colored Fillings Replace Silver Fillings?

Mercury free, tooth colored fillings are best for small to medium-sized tooth restorations which account for the majority of all fillings. They are extremely durable – able to withstand chewing pressure and are fracture resistant.

Usually a tooth colored filling procedure can be done in one visit. If a larger restoration is needed, we may need to fabricate a filling outside of the mouth, which can later be bonded to the tooth.

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Dr. Chan believes strongly in the practice and principle of bio-compatible dentistry, and that means treating the entire body. He will replace any silver, mercury-containing fillings with healthier, mercury free fillings. To schedule an appointment, call our La Mesa, CA office at (619) 464-2801 or contact us online. We hope to see you soon!