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Holistic dentistry is a philosophy that guides our practice, emphasizing whole-body health and well-being. Traditional dentists often focus on treating dental disease, which is an important part of any dental practice. However, our holistic dentist in San Diego takes it a step further by considering how your dental condition, and subsequent treatment, will affect your systemic health over the long term.

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SmileHaven Dental Center stands apart from other San Diego dental clinics thanks to the holistic dentistry we offer. We’ve never wavered in our commitment to this kind of dentistry that is safe and effective. If you have never heard of holistic dentistry, you shouldn’t be afraid since you’re not alone. It is beginning to be recognized more widely the enormous benefits of this revolutionary whole-body approach to dentistry. Our holistic dentist will take advantage of the opportunity to explain this biological dentistry approach to you more.

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What Is a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist in San Diego focuses on promoting bio-compatible whole-body dentistry and overall wellness. They believe that an individual’s dental health is intricately linked to their overall health and well-being. As a result, they prioritize whole-body healing and strive to offer comprehensive care that considers the body as a whole.

At SmileHaven, we follow specific core principles of holistic or natural dentistry, which differ from a traditional dentist.

Holistic Dentistry - Healthy Mind Body Spirit

Whole-Body Services

Healthy circulation is vital to optimal health. Stimulating healthy muscles and temporarily increasing blood circulation in healthy muscles is the primary goal of BEMER, to support muscular health and optimize performance.

Allergies are a serious health concern, with somewhere between 15 and 25 million Americans estimated to suffer from some kind of autoimmune disorder. Dental materials themselves are not immune from inciting allergies, which is why Smilehaven Dental Center strives to use only natural and/or biocompatible materials.

Controlling infection is one of the trickiest problems in dentistry. Mouths are home to countless microorganisms, most living in balance with the human body. However, if the wrong pathogen takes up residence, infection can result. Learn how oxygen/ozone therapy can help.

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