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Do you have Low Blood Circulation?

From the day you were born your body has worked constantly to circulate more than five liters of blood through your body. Your arteries and veins are like highways for blood transportation. This helps your organs function, delivers nutrients and hormones, regulates your PH, and contributes to essentially every bodily process. Like highways, they require maintenance and care to function properly.

What is Low Blood Circulation?

Somebody with poor blood circulation receives insufficient amounts of blood to certain parts of the body. Plaque buildup and other factors slow the blood down and limit the effectiveness of transportation to the legs, arms, heart, and other important areas.

Case Studies

These are some Case Studies that document the results and benefits clients of our blood circulation therapy have recieved.

Pulled Groin Muscle

Joe was a 63 year old man who loves working out in the gym. He lifted a little bit more than his usual weight one morning and he felt a sharp discomfort on his right groin area. He knew he may have strained a muscle there and he decided to quit what he was doing so as not to further aggravate the injured area. He went home and immediately used the Circulation therapy device on himself with emphasis on the groin area where it he had a lot of discomfort and used program 3 a couple times before going to bed. The following morning, he was amazed that he no longer felt discomfort on the area of concern. He may not be ready to lift weights yet but he certainly felt good and did not need any medication to alleviate anything at all.

Low antioxidant levels and their influence on inflammation and oral diseases

We at Smilehaven Dental Center and Chan Healing Institute are deeply committed to your whole body health.

Do you know that low antioxidant levels can influence your susceptibility to inflammation and oral diseases? We can help you!