Can I Get Dental Implant Treatment If I Have Metal Allergies?

Many of our patients wonder if they can still get dental implant treatment even if they have a metal allergy or sensitivity. Yes, anyone with an allergy to metal can get dental implants.

Usually, dental implants are made of pure titanium or titanium alloy, which are biocompatible with the bone and stimulate bone growth and attachment to the implant. These metals are similar to those used in orthopedic knee and hip replacements.

At SmileHaven Dental Center, we offer a metal-free dental implant and dental crown option for patients with metal allergies. During your free implant consultation with Dr. Stephan Chan, we will discuss the benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants, the metal-free alternative to traditional dental implants.

How Do Metal Allergies Affect Dental Implants?

The metal utilized in dental implants is extensively tested. As a result, the FDA has approved it as a safe medical-grade material. However, metal allergies can stand in the way of getting traditional dental implants.

Did you know that 13% of people are sensitive to nickel, chromium, or cobalt? These metals have the highest possibility of metal allergy. Metal allergy is suspected when there is chronic inflammation or rash around the implant site. Although not entirely unheard of, dental materials have a low chance of side effects.

Dr. Stephen Chan uses the highest quality, state-of-the-art metal-free dental implants, known as Zirconia or Ceramic dental implants.

Suppose you’re concerned about a potential metal allergy before getting dental implants. In that case, your physician can perform a skin test or allergist to ensure the implant’s safety to your body.

Zirconia: An Alternative to Traditional Dental Implants

I always take precautions upfront, so patients can avoid adverse reactions to dental implant treatment. However, there are many ways to ensure that even patients with metal allergies can undergo safe and effective dental implant placement.

An excellent alternative for patients with metal allergies is a Zirconia dental implant. Some of the benefits include:

  • Inert, with a low risk of an allergic reaction
  • Strong
  • No corrosion
  • Hygienic – less plaque accumulation
  • Aesthetic – white material; no metal casting that can darken the gum; good for anterior restorations

I consider numerous factors when recommending the right kind of implant for you. Unfortunately, not all providers offer the option for Zirconia dental implants, and I’m glad to have this option available for La Mesa patients who can not tolerate metals.

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