Metal Filling Toxic Dental Materials

Surprising Toxic Materials Used For Dental Purposes

Most patients assume that dentists use safe materials in their mouths. However, this is usually not the case. In the United States today, many dental materials in common use contain toxic materials that might surprise, even shock, patients, including:

  • Mercury (a toxin)
  • Nickel (a brain toxin)
  • Heavy metals (such as cadmium and aluminum)
  • Chloroform
  • Formaldehyde
  • Fluoride (a potential carcinogen)

Why are these dangerous toxic materials used for dental purposes? Many dental professionals rely upon certifications or assurances from academic or dental governing bodies, which may be more concerned with the profitability of the field than the health of the individual patient. If your dentist does not know what materials are in their dental materials (or is unwilling to tell you), schedule an appointment with our office, Smilehaven Dental Center. We strive to use dental materials that demonstrate only the highest level of bio-compatibility with each individual patient, which is why we employ a wide spectrum of bio-compatibility tests to ensure that the materials used in your dental restorations are ideally suited for you.

Focusing On Total Health

Many people have become more concerned and aware with what they put in their bodies and how their decisions affect their health. At Smilehaven Dental Center in San Diego’s La Mesa area, we couldn’t agree more! For patients seeking an approach to dental healthcare that takes the whole person into account, biocompatible dentistry offers many benefits – and the entire team at Smilehaven Dental Center is here to help.