How Smiling Affects Your Happiness

As your trusted La Mesa holistic dentist, Smilehaven Dental knows that, while it’s great to look good, it’s even more important to feel good, as well. That’s why we’re proud to be your premier choice holistic dentistry in the La Mesa and El Cajon, CA areas. As your holistic dentist, we offer and array of both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments, with a focus on whole body health — meaning we believe in the importance of not just your oral health, but your overall well-being as well. Part of that overall well-being includes your mood — and smiling can actually have a rather large effect on your happiness!

Something to Smile About

Every time you smile, your body releases what are called neurotransmitters into your body, all of which benefit your overall health and happiness. These neurotransmitters are dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

  • Dopamine– this chemical aids your body’s “rewards” system by helping create a sense of satisfaction or pleasure, which is often the reason why you might find yourself reaching for that extra slice of pizza or cookie — because it makes you feel good and happy. However, smiling releases dopamine as well, but without the unfortunate health side-effects that may come with eating too many snacks!
  • Endorphins– endorphins are your body’s natural defense to pain. Much like a pain reliever, endorphins block your body’s ability to perceive pain, and as a nice side-effect, tend to create a sense of euphoria when released — as demonstrated when a person experiences a “runner’s high” after a long jog.
  • Serotonin– sometimes called the “happy chemical,” serotonin helps regulate your body’s moods and, in a way, acts as your body’s natural anti-depressant. Since smiling triggers the release of serotonin, it can quite literally help give you the mood boost you’re looking for!

Because of these neurotransmitters, smiling is able to help elevate your mood naturally. In fact, studies have shown that your brain perceives smiling as even more enjoyable than chocolate! Even when the smiles are forced and not 100% genuine, your body will still react positively. And, as if you needed one more reason, smiling also makes you appear both younger and thinner — and who wouldn’t love that?

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