Facts About Metal Fillings

As your La Mesa and El Cajon, CA holistic dentist, Dr. Stephen L. Chan and the entire team here at Smilehaven Dental Center want to give you the best overall quality of care. As providers of holistic dentistry, we place an emphasis on the health of the entire body just as much as the mouth. Because of this, we offer a variety of bio-compatible whole body dentistry options, such as our mercury free fillings. These mercury free fillings that we offer are a safer and healthier option when compared to traditional metal fillings. If you’re in need of a filling, you’ll be better off with these metal fillings alternatives. To show you why metal fillings aren’t a satisfactory option, we’d like to share with you a few facts about metal fillings.

Metal Fillings Aren’t Naturally Adhesive

One of the main problems about metal fillings is that they aren’t naturally adhesive. What this means is that when a person is going to have a metal filling placed, more of his or her healthy, natural tooth structure will need to be removed so that the filling will be able to be wedged into place.


Metal Fillings Are More Prone to Failing

Because the metal filling is wedged into the tooth, it ends up weakening and distorting the tooth, which can potentially lead to parts of the tooth being fractured. Additionally, due to the lack of adhesive qualities, the fillings themselves may end up cracking, leaking, or even falling out.

Metal Fillings Are Softer Than Your Natural Teeth

You may be surprised to hear that despite being made of metal, these fillings are actually softer than a person’s natural teeth. This means that metal fillings are less likely to hold up to a patient’s regular biting and chewing; over time, they can eventually become worn down and break.

Metal Fillings Contain 50 Percent Mercury

Metal fillings are also known as amalgam (which means a mixture or a blend) fillings. This blend consists of part metal and part mercury. The mercury that’s included in this combination can be very problematic as mercury is highly toxic. Mercury can disrupt the biological functions of your body in a number of different ways and can damage your brain, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system among other areas of your body.


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